Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Presidential Progress

We were lucky enough to have President Abraham Lincoln on our morning show yesterday. It was SHOCKING how much he really looked like Honest Abe. He had a quiz for Meghan and Dan and Meghan won big time, despite all of Dan's last minute studying.

I finally got the last of my moped parts back from powder coat. It has been quite the experience because it has taken about five times longer than expected. The frame and one wheel turned out perfect, but the other wheel was a little less than perfect. There were a lot of dimples in the metal is what I am told, but it almost looks like it was not properly stripped or over stripped. You can't really tell until you are up close to the wheel, but I am putting it on my rear wheel and luckily the company made it up to me. I wanted the nice wheel on the front of my Magnum since that is where I will be highlighting my disc brake, k10 Suzuki fork, and Mag Dash with GPS and temp guage tucked inside the original speedo housing. I did let my Maxi's tank soak in a vinegar mixture the last five days to eat out as much rust as possible. I think I got about 98% of the rust and grime out. I also put on my new custom decals on the tank and tried to clear coat the tank to keep the decal from ever wanting to peal. Well a little gas spilled and ate right through the clear coat so that isn't happening. Luckily it didn't affect the decal at all. The bikes are slowly coming along and once the new MLM clutch braces are for sale I will have everything I need for both of my bikes. Almost there, just motor rebuilds and assembly.

Hopefully you enjoyed the dry weather yesterday. Wintry mix moving in right now, but temps are juuuuuust above freezing so it will melt quickly, but the first line is very light. The second line of rain/snow is heavier and will arrive around daybreak. If temps remain cold enough we could see a little dusting because of how heavy the rain/snow is falling in Indiana. The temps will warm up quickly this afternoon into the mid-upper 40's. We will see spotty hit or miss rain showers later today and through the next few days. We will also warm up into the 50's for Wednesday and Thursday, but a cold front will will roll through Friday with falling temps we look to see the rain change to a wintry mix. By Saturday morning we could still see a few flurries linger, but we will be cooler for the weekend and another wintry mix possible early next week. Stay safe out there this morning and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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