Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Returning to the classroom

Every year the Wilmington office of the National Weather Service they hold a media meeting to go over changes at the office and update everyone on what is new. Yesterday they also invited the local EMA directors and it was a very enlightening meeting. It is also really fun to get together with the local meteorologist and have some in-depth discussions on topics that we find dear to our professions. I am also excited about changes coming behind the scenes, but still have to wait nearly a year before the dual-pole radar is upgraded. Something to look forward to for next year.

Things will be pretty quiet for today other than a little drizzle this morning...with temperatures near freezing there may be a few slick spots, so be careful. The chance for the rain/snow later this week put on its brakes and is now looking to swing through on Friday now. We will only get into the mid/upper 30's through the end of the week with lows in the mid 20's. The Friday system still will swing by to our north...not a lot of changes other than it's timing bumped back to Friday. That will bring in MUCH colder air for the weekend. When we drop below freezing Friday night we will likely stay below freezing until Sunday afternoon. Other than Friday we will be dry over the next week, which I am sure many people will not mind with the localized flooding still an issue. I had to take a detour myself into work that added five more minutes because of the flooding. Stay warm and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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