Thursday, December 29, 2011

Moped project update & roller coaster weather coming

When winter hits I always take advantage of the nasty cold weather to focus on projects. This winter I have a few projects for my mopeds. I am rebuilding both e50 engines with new seals, bearings, and case match the cylinders. I am also installing disc brakes to assist in braking faster. With the new brakes, I will need new front forks because the stock forks will twist because they are not made for the torque of disc brakes. I finished installing the discs yesterday and excited to continue checking off the rest of the items for my winter projects. I really am loving the new wheels sealed bearings, disc brakes, and puuurdy blue five star rims. (I might add that I completely cleaned off my work bench right after this photo... let it get a little messy during the wheel project)

The next couple of days I may regret starting my winter projects. Highs will be near 50 for the last few days of 2011. Remember New Years Eve last year? We hit a high of 61 in Dayton. We shouldn't be quite that warm, but enjoy what warmth we DO get. There is a slight chance for rain for Friday, mainly north of I-70 and another chance for rain Sunday and maybe a few flurries Monday...then say goodbye to the mild temperatures. The first week of 2012 looks to be the coldest stretch of days all season with at least three days below freezing the entire time. It has been a mild winter so far with barely any snow for the kids to enjoy. Highs next week will be in the twenties so at least it will cool off the ground enough for snow to stick for future snow storms. Well back to the news. Enjoy your Thursday...only one more day til the weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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