Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The dreaded dry air

Dry air has punched in on the back side of the low pressure and now we have a cut off of most of the moisture. We may still see some moisture wrap around the low counterclockwise to get to us and with a little lift from the cold front pushing through Wisconsin we may see a little more, but we are pretty much wrapping up. The cold air is timing out about right, but the sinking dry air working in with the Low has completely killed the snow totals. At this point I would say a dusting for the Southern Miami Valley and up to 1" for the north. I have had light snow at my house in Dayton for about three hours now, but the ground is too wet for it to stick.

Roadways will still be slick overnight as temperatures fall into the mid 20's. There also may be a little lake effect snow for the far Northwestern Miami Valley by Celina with strong northwest winds pulling more moisture off Lake Michigan. Sorry, doesn't look great for snowmen making today. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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