Friday, December 30, 2011

Arctic Circle magic trick

I always love experiments/magic tricks. We were lucky enough to have Chantelle Rose back from her PolarTREC to the Arctic Circle. Right before Christmas the Graham High School science teacher returned to the area from her 50 day trip. She joined us on the morning show yesterday and she came bringing gifts... after all, she pretty close to the North Pole...kinda. While she was taking scientific readings and monitoring life below the ice she did an experiment. All of her students decorated styrofoam cups. Chantelle also decorated one for FOX 45. She put all of the cups in her laundry bag and dropped them to the bottom of the sea. The water pressure compresses the air pockets out of the cup and shrinks all the designs on the cup and makes the cup barely bigger than a golf ball. Very cool. Thanks for the gift and for keeping us updated on the Arctic expedition, Ms. Rose.

On to my last blog forecast for 2011. Already picking up a few light showers across the Northern Miami Valley. The rest of us will see a few passing showers through the day today, but shouldn't be a washout. At least we will be warm today with high near 50...same for tomorrow, just no rain. Another chance for rain on Sunday, New Years, and then MUCH colder for Monday and Tuesday with highs in the mid 20's. We could see a little snow on Monday when the temperatures drop. Right now it is not looking like much more than just a dusting, if that. I hope you have a safe and happy New Year and see you back on here in 2012! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Yes, such a cool experiment! Nice souvenir, too. :) Happy New Year

  2. Thanks! Happy New Year to you too Lois, and thanks for always being a loyal reader!


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