Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Spirit

I will admit that my Christmas tree is not up, yet, but I am still in the spirit of the holiday season. We had Tim Horton's in the station on Friday and they got my holiday weekend kicked off right. Dawn and I knocked out most of our holiday shopping Saturday, but we still have a couple of people to finish off the list. While it does feel great to get most of that finished, the real accomplishments came at home. I put up new curtain rods in the bedroom and black-out curtains to help me sleep during the day since I am awake nearly all night long with my shift. I also insulated the entire house's windows. While it only cost about $30, I think we will EASILY make that back over the next few months. It is amazing how it cuts down on the draft you never noticed before. The rooms used to have a little chill to them, but now they are more temperate and once you warm up all the rooms the thermostat in the middle of the house SHOULD be a little warmer and kick on the furnace a little less. Now I just need to power through this week and then I took next week off for the holidays. Everyone always requests the week after Christmas off, so by taking off the week before I can visit family and enjoy the season a little more.

Well, the models are really keeping us mild until Christmas. I would say we have a 25% chance for a White Christmas at this point...more updates as we get closer. The sunshine over the weekend was REALLY nice to help raise the spirits. I am done with all the clouds and dreariness. Plenty of sunshine today to start the workweek and despite temperatures near 20 now, we should warm into the low 40's today. We will continue to warm the next few days and by Wednesday and Thursday we should be in the 50's...MUCH warmer than normal. The only trade-off will be a chance for rain later Wednesday and Thursday. That rain will be coming with a cold front and will drop our temperatures near 40 for the highs for next weekend. We will need to get colder than that if we want the ground to stay cold enough for snow to stick for Santa. Stay warm, enjoy the sunshine, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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