Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busy 24 hours...Christmas tree up

First time I have put up the tree in two years. I didn't put up the tree last year because I just couldn't get into the spirit of the holiday because of working so many long streaks of work (16, 19 day streaks) and no time to really celebrate with family and friends... Well I guess that is a lie. I did get to celebrate. It was two years ago I wasn't able too and thus leaving me in a weak Christmas mood for last year and I took off the week before Christmas as a safe guard. Anyway, I spent most of the day yesterday studying for my CBM test...at the gym, home, during my sleep...hope I pass. After all the studying, I did a little house cleaning , rearranging and put on the Christmas tunes. With Buckeye blind we can't move too much of the house so I was able to move a table and it worked out perfectly for the Christmas tree. I also put up the nativity set that my sister got for me a few years ago. I may even get a little crazy and decorate outside a little today...after studying.

Temperatures will be favorable for being outside this afternoon. Clouds are rolling in this morning and we will be mostly cloudy today with a high in the upper 40's. Rain arrives tonight and will stick around the area over the next couple days with a few breaks. The rain will also bring in MUCH warmer temperatures and we will be in the upper 50's...not to shabby, but a little soggy. Cool air will return for the weekend, but at least it is looking dry with highs in the upper 30's, near 40. We have two systems next week and the second system, just before Christmas, looks to bring in colder air and we MAY see a little snow on the ground for Christmas... still WAY to early to call just yet, but there is hope. Enjoy the mild temps and dry weather today and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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