Friday, December 9, 2011

New spin on a "school" talk

I have talked to dozens of local schools and thousands of students...but recently I did something I have never done... talked to home schooled students. I was sent this photo from my recent talk with the South Dayton Christian Homeschoolers. The kids were a lively bunch and we met at a local library meeting room for the talk. The kids had a lot of fun and had A LOT of questions. I love it when the kids have a lot of questions that they come up with during the talk. The more, the better because if one person asks a question then it is likely another student was thinking the same thing.

Yesterday was pretty much awesome. I did a satellite interview with Archie Griffin and I gave him the "O-H!" and I got an "I-O!!" back....I think I may have climaxed my career too early, what do you think? After I left work, I went to the gym and did squats for the first years. I can barely walk today. I then ran to the auto parts store to get a new water pump for my truck and then home. I did a little moped wrenching and then took a much needed nap. I slept for at least five hours and Dawn woke me up at 7:30PM so we could head out to watch the Browns play the Thursday night game on NFL Network. Browns scored a field goal on the opening drive and then Steelers scored a touchdown following that. Then no scoring until the end of the fourth quarter when the Steelers blew through our secondary and scored a 79 yard touchdown pass. James Harrison had another helmet to helmet hit on the Browns...this time it was our QB Colt McCoy...who doesn't even remember the hit. This is the third time Harrison has knocked out a Browns players thanks to his helmet to helmet hits in the last two games. I understand wanting to be known as a hard tackling back, but c'mon, let's keep it clean. If I have anything to say about the game last night... I am proud that the Browns held tough with Steelers and only lost the game by 11 points...could have been much worse.

We are dealing with a few light snow showers off to the north this morning. The far north has seen right around half an inch so far with maybe another half an inch or a total of up to 1". We have not seen anything in Dayton, so all of it staying north of I-70. Dayton still has a few slick spots...I saw a couple, on my way into work, in locations where water was standing the last couple days from the rain earlier this week. Tonight we will drop into the upper teens and we should see the coldest temps of the season tonight. We will stay dry and warm into the lower 40's for next week. There is a weak system on Tuesday that may bring a little rain, but a more potent system later in the week with a better chance for rain. Stay warm this weekend and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Pretty cool talk with home schoolers.

    We do the "O-H" and "Go Bucks" thing at sea, too, and get positive replies. ...we are EVERYWHERE!!!!!


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