Thursday, December 8, 2011

New heated morning show competition: Gingerbread Houses

We have done the pumpkin carving, pumpkin chucking, chili cook-off, and I am sure a few more competitions...and now we move on to a gingerbread house building competition. I went light on my icing on the house and focused more on simplicity and detail. I decided instead of outlining my windows, I put a light dusting on them for a frosted look and outlined my sidewalk to the house with red hot candies. We will be judged by two judges from a local gingerbread competition going on this weekend and Facebook on the station's Facebook page. There are three votes and three houses... probably ending in a three way tie?!? Doubtful.

Snow looking more promising for the tomorrow...for PART of the area. The northern part of the area may see up to 1" and that is to the FAR north. Most of the snow will be staying north of I-70 and the area just north of the 70 divide will probably only see a light dusting...if that. There is not a lot of moisture with this system, but enough to make things interesting. Dayton may not see much of anything. It appears the snow will start in the early morning for the far north Friday and push off to the east by Friday evening. That will leave us MUCH colder for the weekend with lows in the teens for Saturday and Sunday. Highs today & tomorrow will be in the mid 30's. We will be hard pressed to get to 30 for the high on Saturday and then quickly warm up into the upper 30's by Sunday and low 40's for early next week. We also could see a little rain for the middle of next week, but who knows... still cold enough that if we dropped a couple degrees it could be snow. Make sure to vote for me and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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