Monday, December 26, 2011

Back from Vacation...Snow forecast for tomorrow.

Back in the weather center and it still isn't 5AM as I am typing this... I had a lot of fun visiting the family and enjoying the holiday season. I received some great gifts and I can't remember anyone that was not super excited when they opened up the gifts from Dawn and myself. I really love sharing gifts more than receiving them because it is sometimes the thought and remembering the small things they mentioned to surprise them. I did get a new sweater vest I am wearing today... I may have a new one or two after a few returns at the store today. I also saw Sherlock Holmes II over the break and I highly recommend the movie.

Well, the models are having a really hard time adjusting to the change of seasons. My last blog entry, last Friday, the models were showing us remaining dry all this week. That changed a lot. There will be a push of Gulf moisture and that will smash into an arctic front tomorrow. This is a very tricky system because the switch over from rain to wintry mix to snow will determine how much snow we are expected to accumulate. The models over the last 12 hours have still be having a hard time deciding on how much snow will fall as well. Some have shown as much as 6+", but I highly doubt that will happen. We have been so warm and we actually warmed up to 50 degrees yesterday for Christmas. The first snow that falls will melt and it will take a decent amount to accumulate. Here are my thoughts by Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I think the far Northern Miami Valley may have 1-3+". The central part of the Miami Valley will see between 1-2" and the far south will see up to 1". This may change if we switch to snow early with cooler temperatures arriving sooner. I will have an update tomorrow morning with fresh look at the accumulations. Mild for the rest of the afternoons this week with another slight chance for rain on Friday. Right now it looks dry for any New Year celebrations on Saturday night. See you back on here soon...have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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