Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Flooding Today, Snow by Thursday??

With the 1.95" of rain Dayton saw on Monday it broke the daily record for rain for December 5th with the old record of 0.72" set in 1977. We smashed the record! Many of the rivers and streams are near or juuuuust above flood stage this morning and are already starting to drop. By Wednesday morning we should see most of the rivers below flood stage. Other than Thursday, we will be dry over the next week. The system on Thursday is still a little tricky. It looks to scoot just to our north and we MAY see a few flurries, but I am starting to doubt it. I have mentioned before that these early-season systems pull a little more north than what the models show. As you can see in the image we are on the far southern edge of the system already. I am right now calling for a 20% chance for rain/snow, but I may be giving it more of a chance than needed. I think tomorrow we will really see and may be dropping that percent chance even lower. The temperature also will be the deciding factor between rain and snow.

Well other than the rain leaving today and the chance, slight chance, for rain/snow for the Northern part of the area Thursday...it will be pretty quiet, dry, and cold. Today we should see 40 for the high, then upper 30's through the end of the week. By the weekend we will see highs near freezing, so most of the day will be below freezing. We will see a few clouds heading into the start of next week...but no rain or snow. I am pretty sure everyone will be happy to dry out a little bit. I will keep you posted on Thursday, so stay warm and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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