Friday, December 16, 2011

The New Facebook Timeline (with tips)

We all know one thing...Facebook is always changing. The big change has been in the pipes for a long time and it is now "LIVE" for those who want to get a jump on it. The picture shows that the new look will take a little longer to load because it is a little more picture based. There is now a top "cover photo" and the timeline on the right side (below the ads) that can show you everything you posted or others posted to your wall since you signed up for Facebook.

If you want to switch over your profile before the assigned date, you can. I read online that December 22nd everyone's profile would switch, so might as well get ahead of the curve. If you want to switch your profile now you can just go to and then click on "Get It Now." Make sure to take time to review all of your old posts. You can tweak your timeline and delete any unflattering photos or posts for a week before it is published for others, unless you are to eager to share your life story...or you can make the new timeline public for your friends to see when you are ready.

You can also hide certain parts of your wall or even highlight parts of it to show off to others.
There is a LOT of custom settings that you can do for each individual post. Either go through and delete or hide them one by one or if you don't want the public to be able to see it then make sure to hide your timeline in the privacy settings, but c''s Facebook! So pick out your cover photo and get ready for a LOT of time to be wasted...right around the holidays. (Woulda been nice if they would have launched it AFTER people are done visiting families.)

Much colder out there today compared to the last couple of days. We are sitting in the low 30's at about 25 degrees colder than this time yesterday. We will see the clouds clear out through the day today and sunshine will be around for the weekend with highs in the upper 30's for today and tomorrow. We will tap back into the 40's for Sunday and next week, but lows will be in the mid 20's til then. Rain also returns for late Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week. The next system right before Christmas looks like it will not be quite as cold, but there is still a very slight chance we could still see snow. I will keep a close eye on that. Today is my last day on-air for a week, but I will make sure to update my blog next week while I am spending time with family and friends for the holidays, so make sure to check back in for a look at the forecast and how the holidays are going. I hope you have a Happy Holiday and a very Merry Christmas...and as always, have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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