Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Here Comes The Snow

The rain arrived right around midnight. The temperatures are right now BARELY above freezing, but where the rain is reflecting a little stronger on the radar(green turning to yellow on the radar) we are likely seeing a few big flakes of snow mixing at times(pink on the radar). The rain will switch over the a wintry mix through the middle of the day and over to all snow(blue on the radar) by the evening commute so be prepared for slick spots later. Some of the snow will come down fairly heavy during the transition, but with the ground so warm the roads will be a slushy mess at times. By the time the snow moves out tonight we are expecting about 1-3+" across the Northern Miami Valley. The Southern part will see up to 1". It is now just a waiting game to watch the temperatures fall and the snow to follow. We should be dry then until Friday with a few rain showers returning and maybe a few on Sunday as well. That system will just kinda sit over the top of us for the weekend and it will bring warm temperatures with highs in the mid 40's for the weekend before colder air arrives next week. Stay dry, safe, and on the road today...and have a good one! (I may jump back on here later this morning with an update on snowfall totals depending on when the snow change-over begins.)

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Keep us informed. Got to go to a viewing of Fran Leingrich this afternoon. Keep us snow free until about 5:00 PM. Thanks.

  2. Doesn't look too bad there on you map for us down in Cincy. We're going to the Museum Center to see the trains today. Looks like we should be OK with the weather. :)

  3. It's started snowing big flakes in Arcanum, but they are getting a little smaller. Do you know the old saying, big flakes mean little snow, but little flakes, big snow? With no gulf moisture it shouldn't be a very big snow.


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