Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lookie, Lookie, Try My Cookie!

It looks like another morning cooking competition... although I am not sure if we are competing or not... (In my head, maybe!?) I made the SUPER easy, SUPER cheap Buck Blusters (a combination of blustery and clusters...since they are clusters and great for blustery weather....ok, I made that up).

Here is the recipe:
One bag of butterscotch chips
Half a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
One can of Spanish peanuts.

Heat the chips, stir in the nuts, drop on wax paper... It only costs about $5 to make about three dozen Blusters... Buck style. Let them cool about 30 minutes and you are good to go, or as Dawn and I call it, G-ta-G.

On to the forecast. Morning rain today and a few breaks in the rain. This afternoon we will begin to dry out and then we will deal with cooling temperatures through the evening...but not before we get into the mid and upper 50's for the middle part of the day today. Try to enjoy the warmth because it will be a long time before we are that warm again. Weekend will be mostly sunny and temperatures in the upper 30's, near 40. More rain will return for the start of next week as we stay in the 40's and then another system later next week that MAY bring snow just before Christmas... the models have warmed up JUUUUST a bit. Anyway, I am training Chris Mulcahy for the morning show, so I got to get back to that. Stay dry and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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