Friday, January 28, 2011

Moped ride

Well after a day eating doughnuts at work... yes, that is the story I managed to arrange, I came home to a delivery of my last moped parts to get it fully functional. Back to the doughnuts, the bakery is known all around the world. so when we do Where You Live, Springfield, you will get the idea.

Got that done and came home for a little moped ride up the block and back and it was great, cold, but great!  All the pieces are back in running well.  I am going to wait to really take it out though.  I need to run it about 300 miles to really break in the new cylinder...don't want to blow up the engine.  Anyway, now that that engine is built and the other moped needs no work at all.... I will be laying low on the moped scene until the snow melts.

Speaking of the snow, we did see that snow I mentioned before I peaced out to go to bed last time.  We only got about an inch here at the house in Dayton, but off to the north they saw close to 2" in spots.  Our next system that needs to be watched is next Wednesday.... my birthday of all days... I sure hope I don't have to work...  We will be right on the rain/ice/snow line so it will need to be watched closely.  As for today...I am off already, 5 PM, and I normally do not have Friday nights off so Dawn and I are planning a fun little evening.  See ya back on here tomorrow and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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