Monday, January 3, 2011

Browns: From Burn out to Clean out

Well I have mentioned that I thought there would be big changes in the Browns line-up, and we now are coach-less.  President Mike Holmgren fired head coach Eric Mangini earlier today.  As disappointed as I am with the firing, I think it is the right move.  Mangini was a good coach, just not a great coach.  He may have potential to be a dominant team, but he recently has plateaued.  I am currently listening to the LIVE press conference with Holmgren.  Since I have been a Browns fan, I have never found quite a devoted individual that wants to win in a level headed way.  Holmgren will get heated, but he knows how to inspire players.  From what I am gathering in the press conference so far, they have looked into other coaches, but he is "looking for the best possible coach to win."  He said that he doesn't feel he is in a coaching position, but has not came out and said he has eliminated himself: "Right now, Im president of the Cleveland Browns and my job is to find the best coach for the team."  Sounds like a sly way to say, I may just hire myself if I am not swept off my feet....

The press conference continues....and an inspiring press conference to say the least.... When asked how important this search is, he responded: "Huge, Huge, I do not want to do this search again.....Very, very important that we get this right."  You can feel the desire in his voice to get the best coach out there to win.  In my opinion he may not find the coach he is looking for and may put himself in the head coaching position.  When asked by one of the reporters, are you confident will you find the right guy in your pool of candidates, his response was "No, not completely confident."  That isn't saying he is ruling himself out as a candidate, but he hasn't been completely sold on someone just yet.

A reporter just asked "What's the downside to keeping Eric (Mangini) here another year."  Holmgren responded, "I don't look at it that way....I am thinking we are going to try and find the right person, we got to play better, we got to be committed, we have to have a better off season....but continuity, I don't think about that." Holmgren: "I love working with quarterbacks, that's what I do................did."  If that doesn't say that he wants to coach, I dunno what does...  About finding the new head coach..... "There is no budget, he (Browns Owner, Randy Lerner) has said we have to do what we have to do."

From what I have heard, he is very spear-headed into finding the best possible candidate to win the most amount of games.  The press conference has been extremely inspiring.  I have high hopes in the season to come, but I think the first few games may be a little rough until our team meshes in a game setting.

Well I have to get ready for work, I need to shower, get ready, and be at work in less than 30 minutes...... got to goooooooooooooooooooo....Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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