Monday, January 17, 2011

Another moped......gone.

It is hard to believe that about six months ago I had four, but with time comes wisdom, and my good pal KZ had enlightened me.... quality is better than quantity.  Now I can use this money for more useful things like new parts for the remaining two mopeds, and Dawn will smile if I put some of the money towards the wedding...(as will I).  Anyway, the moped went to Jim from Michigan. He used to be into mopeds and moved out to Portland, Oregon and rode with the Puddle Cutters, but he sold his mopeds out there.  He recently moved back to the Midwest and I am confident the Magnum went to a happy family because his only moped right now will be the I am confident it will get the TLC it may have missed out on here.  Who knows, maybe at a moped rally soon, I can swarm with him and the moped.....Farewell good buddy.

Also, as a sign of remorse, Dawn is wearing a Switch Hand Signal moped t-shirt.....a nice touch. It is a two foot spark plug with SHS labeled on the side. Switch Hand Signal is the moped gang from Pittsburgh, PA.  Anyway..... I will have an update on the forecast a little later tonight.

Andrew Buck Michael

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