Monday, January 31, 2011

Evening Update

Well it is shortly before 10PM and parts of the Northern Miami Valley have already seen a decent icing... as a matter of fact some schools have already canceled for tomorrow.  The far northern part of the area is seeing snow, but a transition to freezing rain will slowly continue overnight.  Good news for the Southern part of the area, the first wave of icing has missed you and came in from Indiana north enough to give us a little breather while the north wasn't so lucky.  Darke County is already under a Level 1 Ice Emergency already, and I will be up in about 4 hours reporting on the weather.... from the looks of it, more than likely heading in that direction.  Tomorrow's forecast still holds true from last post.  Freezing rain will continue on and off through Tuesday night and a brief period of liquid rain may occur, especially south, Wednesday morning before temperatures quickly fall and we transition to snow and could see a couple of inches on the back side of the system on Wednesday.  Strong winds and icy limbs and power lines do not make a good combination, so hopefully you have prepared for the worst, just in case.  Time for bed if I am waking up at 2AM, be safe out there and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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