Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Morning Update

Not a lot has changed since yesterday, however there is one minor change... The switch from freezing rain to rain may be pushed a few hours into the future prolonging the icing.  Some locations could see half an inch of icing or more here in the area, mainly the Northern Miami Valley.  Power outages will be a big concern, so make sure to plan for that in advance.  If you have a generator get gas, but if not, make a plan just in case you are out of electric for a few days.  Hopefully you won't be powerless for that long, but its better to plan for the worst.

Light snow/sleet arriving this evening. Snow/sleet will change to freezing rain from south to north, so the north could see a few inches of snow before the icing begins. Icing continues through Tuesday and as temps rise we will see patches of rain begin to mix in from south to north(midday-midnight).  Temps will rise until around 5-7AM Wednesday then plummet through the morning.  Strong winds, frigid temps, and light snow will be on the back side, the north could see a couple of inches, and the south right now looking at maybe an inch.

I must also note I had to give in and get coffee this morning.  I only got about 50 minutes of sleep last night, so I needed something to keep me going this morning.  Oh well... I may be needing it for the coming days as well....who knows what my hours are going to be like. .It is going to get very dicey the next few days; be careful out there and have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

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