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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Icy, Dreary Day....Snow On The Way

This morning was an ice rink across the Miami Valley, especially north where that freezing fog and freezing drizzle left a light coat of ice.  Dawn`s boss actually called her as she was leaving for work and told her to hold off on coming into work for a while because the office is on a hill and he took out a mailbox while leaving the office.  Once the traffic picked up and the road crews put down a little salt, conditions got better on the roads, but the clouds hung around.  It was a rather dreary day, but at least the winds were light; otherwise it would have been worse.

Snow still set to arrive tomorrow morning right around the morning commute.  It will continue through the day and a few inches will have fallen by the evening commute tomorrow.  The storm has shifted ever so slightly to the south and the north may see a little less... so about 2-4" for the Northern Miami Valley, 3-5" for the central part of the viewing area, and the far extreme Southern portions of the area will see about 4-6".  The snow should start tapering off around midnight Thursday night.  Winds will pick up Friday morning about 10-20 miles per hour and temperatures will plummet into the single digits.  Wind chills will be near or below zero from Friday morning all the way through midday Saturday....anyone up for a trip to Florida?  Watch out on the rural roads because when winds get above 10 mph drifting snow is a big problem.

I went ahead and ordered my parts for my moped today.  It will be a lot of fun rebuilding my motor when the parts come in, and I plan on documenting the rebuild, so don`t worry....there will be pics.

If anyone want`s to shovel my driveway the next few days....let me know!  Drive safe and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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