Wednesday, January 26, 2011


After about 3 hours of work yesterday and about 4 hours of work today....I finished.  It went surprisingly well because I took a lot more time than probably needed to check and double check before I put the parts back together.  It turns out the carburetor shim was only 1 mm and I need 1.5mm so I had to order another one, but luckily they are only a couple dollars.  I will have to wait for that to actually try and fire up the engine but I feel very confident it will run....and run much smoother than before with the new bearings and seals.

I guess I might have finished it just in time because I am starting to feel under the weather.  I am finishing this post then heading to bed to try and rest up...maybe an orange beforehand. I just hope it's short lived, if I do get sick.  I really hate getting sick (I really haven't ever met anyone who really enjoys it).

Speaking of the weather... the latest models show that we may also see a couple of inches of snow Thursday night into Friday morning.  I will keep you posted on it, but my head is splitting right now.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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