Saturday, January 29, 2011

Frustrating Computers

Several reasons to be upset with computers.... first of all... I was trying to edit my story that is airing next week on Bellefontaine, since we are there for Where You Live.  Well it turns out that that folder has been open on some computer for a week and I can't figure out where.  I checked all the editing systems and I can't find any that have my folders open.  Regardless, I missed the little red locked padlock and I didn't realize until I finished editing the video and tried to save and it crashed the I lost it all.(When it is opened somewhere else, it can't save the other opened file)  It has to be some ghost computer, but anyway....  I will try again tomorrow or resort to other methods to ensure it works properly.

On to the other issue, but not nearly as upset about this... since weather contains millions and millions of variables.  So the fact that the computers can't yet agree on the track of the upcoming system is expected(can't wait for the day they do agree).  We could see a flurry or a quick light snow shower tonight, but only expecting a dusting in isolated areas, while others may not see anything at roadways shouldn't be a big problem for the morning commute to the grocery or church.  Still keeping my eyes pealed on Monday night through Wednesday.  Here are my current thoughts, but this low pressure system has been all over the place, so if it moves, we could be dealing with a different scenario. Most tracks have been a little further south, but I am going with the northern routes on this system with the low tracking right through the southern heart of the Miami Valley....

Monday night looks to start out with a little snow turning to freezing rain and sleet for the overnight hours, which means Tuesday morning will be bad on the pavement.  With the low tracking this close, it is likely that we will see a little rain sneak in as well on Tuesday.  This will change back to another round of light icing then back to light snow showers once the low pressure moves away with frigid temperatures and strong winds. The ice band will be from southwest to northeast and the area just north of the ice band will see a significant snowfall.  This system looks to bring a lot of moisture with it, so if you REALLY want a lot of snow, pray that the low pressure pulls farther south.  Regardless, I will be back with an update, so check back.  Until then, stock up on salt and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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