Friday, January 21, 2011

Frozen, Tired, Might-as-well-blog kinda mood

Well it was cold this morning.  While I was doing the morning reports it actually dropped down to around three degrees below zero for a while.  Once you factor in the fifteen mile per hour winds, and it felt like fifteen to twenty below zero.... a wonderful way to spend my 11th straight day of work.  At least the bitter cold kept me up and coffee this morning (rarity). I went to my good ole hometown of Arcanum since Darke County was the only county under a Level Two Snow Emergency....meaning you BETTER have an emergency to be on the roads.  Rightfully so, the roads were really bad in the country and drifts were several feet tall on the north-south roads.

The location I was all morning was only 300 yards from where my grandmother lived, so I stopped by her place for a quick hello and she was tickled I was just down the road from her all morning. It was good to visit her for the few minutes before heading out the door.  Anyway, I spent my morning doing my live shots alone and I have a feeling that was a good thing....I probably would have came off a little cranky since I got less than an hour of sleep.  Which brings us back to now...I am tired, no doubt, but I really have no desire to try and lay down and sleep.  I know I need to run and get a dog tag for Buckeye.  I have gotten his last two dog tags for Allen County, Shelby County, and now Montgomery County.... this dog gets around!   I have had problems getting to sleep the last few nights, so maybe only getting 45 minutes of sleep will be the cure for that issue (creative thinking).

It looks like we will barely get into the double digits today and a light snow is expected tomorrow, only around an inch...or less.  There is another system that has been popping up on the models for Monday-Tuesday, but the models cant seem to agree on the system, so I will keep you posted.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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