Saturday, January 8, 2011

Anyone else get their heating bill?!?!?

Wooooaaahhh!!  Now I know we, Dawn and I, winterized the house and did our best to try to save energy, but we still doubled our gas bill from last month!  Granted, December was about nine degrees below average, and we had two and a half weeks below I am pretty confident in saying that everyone's furnace got quite a workout to start off winter.  I just can't wait until spring to see the energy bill go down, because I am all about saving money that doesn't need to be spent, and in my opinion, there are great ways to save money when it comes to heating and cooling your home, and I intend to use what I can, at my disposal.

So, we saw a little snow the last 24 hours, about an inch or so.  More snow will be on the way for Tuesday, right now looking at a couple of inches, enough to cause a few problems on the roads.  Temperatures look to remain below freezing until next weekend so the snow isn't going anywhere.  I will have forecast totals hopefully tomorrow, so far the models have been fairly consistent, but better to wait a little bit before sticking my head out there too early with snowfall forecast totals.

I also am happy to announce that Dawn and I booked our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico....(wish I was there today)  There are a ton of huge advantages to this place, one is that it's on the Pacific Coast so we will not have to worry about hurricanes(since we are getting married in hurricane season).  I also get to finally use the Spanish I learned and school and at work(I probably learned more working with a few Spanish amigos than in the classroom)  I am getting very excited for the trip, but still planning the rest of the wedding is quite a lot of work.  I am still working with the florist and that is my next big thing...  Yes, I am in charge of that still...  No one likes my jokes about dandelions.... if we were having a yellow wedding I could understand, but who honestly takes me seriously when we are having a scarlet and gray wedding?!  Wear the sunglasses the next few days with all the fresh snow and sunshine and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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