Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cutting The Caffiene

After having such a hard time sleeping the last few weeks, despite being so I am cutting out the caffeine.  I have only been drinking coffee in the afternoon, but still isn't helping me fall asleep...I used to be able to drink coffee and go straight to bed, but not anymore.  My coffee mug will be filled with water instead, however the only problem is that I drink water soooo much faster.  I feel like I am at the water cooler half of the day now.  I keep trying to remember to bring in a water bottle into work, but I keep forgetting.  Oh well, no coffee for me for a while...hopefully it will help me sleep better.

I took all the weight out of the bed of my truck.  It has only been getting around 13 miles per gallon with all the weight in there and it is KILLING my wallet.  I normally can get much better, but with all the snow, I put all the weight in there to make sure I make it from point A to B without problems.  It was also starting to slide around in the bed of the truck and that really was not fun...and I am sure not good on the truck.  No crazy weather the next few days that I will have to worry about, so I decided I should take it out unless necessary.

Speaking of the weather... Light snow tonight and tomorrow, only expecting about a dusting or so, but later tomorrow we will get slightly above freezing and could see the snow turn into a light wintry mix.  The entire system does not have a lot of moisture, so any icing we will see should be light.  Temperatures will fall early on Tuesday, so refreezing will be the main problem in my opinion.  Tomorrow the light snow shouldn't really cause too many problems.  Temperatures still sticking in the mid and upper 20's the rest of the week and really no major systems through next weekend.  There is a weak system Friday into Saturday, but it looks like barely any moisture as well.  Hopefully it is a sign that the snow is done for the year and we will see 60's soon....haha, I wish.  Travel safe and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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