Sunday, May 30, 2010

Turning on the Heat!!!

Well Memorial Day Weekend is the main weekend everyone opens up their pools and it couldn't have been a better weekend.  BOY, was it hot!!  We still have only reached 86 in Dayton today, but a few locations, Middletown, Richmond, and Greenville, have reached 90.... Great weather to sit beside the pool with a nice frozen drink, huh?! 

I had the day off yesterday to head to Cincinnati for a moped rally and had a blast.  Lots of good friends I haven't met up with in over a year and a lot of fun times riding on the moped and hanging out with the other riders.  My moped held up with the pack very nicely until we hit a huge hill with no head start.  The hill was about a mile long and started right after a right hand turn, so I couldn't get any momentum, and my bike was geared more for top speed rather than low end torque.  Still had a blast and the weather was perfect.

Tomorrow, Memorial Day, looks to be slightly cooler, high 82, with more clouds and the chance for scattered showers and storms through the day.  Tuesday looking more of the same with scattered showers and storms.  Wednesday a little break from the rain and a little warmer, before more rain by the evening into Thursday.  Friday looks great right now with clouds clearing out and highs in the mid 70's, but more rain later Saturday will bring a damp spell for next weekend, but as of now, temps will only be in the upper 70's.  Have a good one and stay cool!

Andrew Buck Michael

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