Thursday, May 13, 2010

Afternoon Update

Tornado Watch until 9PM.  Southern Ohio and Indiana has seen slightly more sunshine and has warmed up just enough to fire off a few showers.  These showers will feed off the moisture and continue moving towards us in the coming hours.  The watch is until 9 PM because after the sunsets(shortly before 9PM) we will lose a lot of energy.  Jeff Booth will be monitoring everything from the First Warning Weather Center, and I am getting ready to head out and follow the storms on the ground to get great video and also to relay what I am seeing back to the station.  I am still sticking to the main threat(or more of a widespread problem) will be hail, some locations in Indiana have already reported hail over an inch in diameter(HUGE!!).  There is the slight chance for the quick spin-up of a tornado, but straight line winds will still be a big problem.  Again, I will be updating my twitter as I am out in the field.  Maybe even a blog entry on here if the cards fall just right.

Andrew Buck Michael

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