Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thoughts on Thursdays Thunderstorms

Well I hope you have enjoyed the dry spells and your plants have enjoyed the rain.  Tomorrow evening we look to see a few strong to severe storms roll through.  The afternoon will be warm and humid, we have a very slight chance for an afternoon pop-up shower/storm, although our best chance for widespread storms will be later in the evening.  The main threat will be hail because the winds in the upper atmosphere will be weaker than what we saw last week, so tornadic storms and straight line winds will be less of a threat, although it doesn't completely rule them out, and straight line winds would be more of a threat of the two.  The storms look to arrive later in the evening and thus losing some of the daytime heat and they will weaken once the sun has set.  The timing of the storms will play a large part in their strength. 

Comparing these storms to last week, I expect these storms to be weaker due to the fact that we do not have all the proper ingredients together like last week, but we will keep an eye on things.  I will update the blog tomorrow, especially after seeing what the conditions are once they send up the weather balloon at 8AM.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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