Sunday, May 23, 2010


Tonight is the night, LOST will wrap up and there will never be another episode or another show quite like it.  The writers have done a phenomenal job up to this point in keeping everything a secret.  The climax has been building ever since the first episode of season one when we first heard the smoke monster and saw it tearing though the jungle snapping trees.  Since the final episode is on from 9PM until 11:30PM, the ABC news will be going on a half hour later, and since we will have the FOX news at 10 as normal, I will miss 30 minutes and have decided to wait until after work to watch it with Dawn.  I am so giddy right now....I am like a school boy on Christmas morning.... the only downside is this will be the only Christmas, there won't be anymore Christmases after tonight....  Tomorrow I will blog on how it went, and how it feels now that it is over.... so if you don't want to be spoiled, do not read my entry for May 24th.

Now in order to avoid any spoilers myself, I have stayed off twitter and other social medias starting a short time ago.  I also plan on shutting off my phones at 9 PM to avoid any texts or calls from my other LOST-addicted friends.  It is finally here and my hopes are set so high on tonight's episode.  I do have some sad news, apparently we are doing a story on people getting together for a LOST party for our news tonight..... I will need to avoid seeing or hearing any of the story as not to ruin my hopes and dreams.... You may say I am crazy, but really I am LOST. 

"Live Together, Die Alone"
Andrew Buck Michael

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