Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's with my bad luck?!?!

So I explained about the washing machine turning into a fountain flooding the new place, AND about the dryer vents coming out of the ceiling and roof when trying to clean them.... Well it didn't stop there apparently.  Dawn and I went to have dinner last night and when we tried leaving my truck wouldn't start...(head hanging low and shaking)... I got a friend who lived nearby to drive us home to get my tools and Dawn's car.  I messed around with the fuses and eventually jumped the truck, it started, and then it died as soon as I put it in Drive....(head hanging low and shaking)...  After jumping it again, I let it get enough juice do drive it to Fox Motors in Miamisburg, which is owned by a friend of mine.  Got a new battery, service with a smile, and it started perfect.....  Then, we went home and as I went into the bathroom, I opened the door and the hinge screws (that were loose) in the door frame became dislodged and the door fell off its hinges....(head hanging low and shaking)....  It was so late I just left it. 

This morning, I fixed the door; the plumber came and fixed the fountain (corroded cast iron pipes).... and we are back in business.  After I fixed the door, Dawn just said, "We have to count the small victories."  I fell back on the ground and just laughed in desperation, Buckeye came over, stood over me, trying to see what was wrong with me....  I did hardwire (rewire with only necessary wiring) one of my mopeds and got it running for the first time today, so that was a victory.  Regardless I am not buying a lottery ticket anytime soon. 

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully the sunshine will bring better luck, if not at least sunshine will raise the moral (I am not a fan of extended cloudy spells).  Hope you started planning your LOST series finale party for this Sunday night (and your after-party to watch ABC 22 following, with my forecast)  Hopefully there will be a lot of answers in the final episode because I have been still yelling, "What the heck is going on!?!" at the TV during the last few episodes.  I can't wait to see the big answers come to fruition.  Anyways have a good one and enjoy the sunshine before more showers and storms roll into the area for Friday/Saturday.

UPDATE: Dawn just texted me saying the washer doesn't spin the clothes dry.... she had to go to a laundromat to wash enough clothes for work, since we haven't washed our clothes in over a week due to the move.... good thing she likes laundromats and dreams of owning one one day, maybe she will be a good mood later, maybe...

Andrew Buck Michael

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