Monday, May 24, 2010

Thoughts on LOST

Still not sure.... although the final episode was beautiful and had a "full circle" ending.... the "episode to answer all the questions" did not answer a single question.... in fact it had more questions.... Why did they have to leave the island on the plane last night if they were going to die and have a reunion anyways?   I am still not sure what to think and am still letting it all soak in.... more thoughts after I a little meditation this afternoon as I cruise around on my 50cc adventure.

UPDATE: So I let it soak in and talked it over with other enthusiasts.  The whole premise of show was to keep you asking questions, if they answered all of the questions, it would be a let down and a disservice.  However, I still an very happy with the ending that it brought it full circle, I just wished more of the larger questions were answered, but it is what it is...

Hope you enjoyed the warmth today.... It was kinda hot with a helmet and jean jacket riding around on my moped... safety first though, many people fail to see moped riders until its too late.  Hot for the coming days which isn't great news since I will be in Arcanum talking to some high school students(no air-conditioning until they move to the new school in a year or so)  Rain bringing a little relief late Wednesday (slight chance), but a better chance for rain Thursday evening as a cold front swings into the area bringing less humid air for Memorial Day Weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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