Saturday, May 22, 2010

Break out the slip-n-slide!!

Break out the slip-n-slide!!

Well summer is making a strong entrance this upcoming week.  Today we have we topped out in the mid 70's and the warmest day of 2010 so far is 83.  Tomorrow we should climb to around 84, making it the hottest day of the year, but it doesn't stop there.  We will stay in the mid 80's, for highs, for at least a week, if not a little longer.  The dew points (mugginess) will be in the upper 50's and lower 60's meaning that it will be uncomfortable, but not yet oppressive.

Either way, a great week to open up the backyard pools, if you have one.  I wish I did, but I am sure I will get by another way.... slip-n-slide used to be my favorite as a kid.  When I was younger, my brothers and I all pitched in and went to Lowes and bought a 100 foot x 10 foot plastic tarp and made a huge slip-n-slide on the hill next to their house.  The only problem was that my dad never rolled our yard, so there were little bumps everywhere.... after about 10 times going down on your stomach, it was probably equivalent to about 10000 crunches.  I remember my abs hurting for days.  It was a blast, we eventually took whatever we could find and at the bottom and raise the sides to make it into a splash pool.  We even experimented with oils and soaps to see how we could make to to the bottom faster, good times!

One of my best/worst memory of the slip-n-slide was when we saw a funnel cloud a few miles away.  It was a warm afternoon, obviously, and a storm popped up just south of my parents house and my dad, (who has a Meteorology degree from Purdue) turned into kid and we all wanted to get closer and watch it.... well we were all soapy and oily and I went running into the garage to get into the family van. Also worth mentioning, the garage floor is suuuuuper smooth, and I was barefoot. I fell, slipped and slid across the garage floor into a few bikes like Barry Larkin into second base.  I cant remember if I was bleeding from the falling bikes; I was too excited.  Anyways we loaded up and rode a few miles south and watched the funnel dance across the sky before pulling back up into the cloud. Great times!!!

So warm and humid for the next week, and with the warm temps and humidity, an afternoon pop-up shower isn't out of the question, although I think most of us could see a completely dry week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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