Saturday, May 15, 2010


I am beat....and no longer residing in Sidney.  I now a citizen of Montgomery County, but the move was anything but easy.  My brother Clark came up from Ohio State and stayed in Sidney with Dawn and I last night and we woke up around 8 AM and went straight to loading.  By ten or so, my father, other two brothers and sister arrived and helped finish loading.  Almost all of the small stuff was already taken down to the new place, so it was the essentials and the large furniture that needed moved today.  One of Dawn's cousins, Mike, let us borrow his 17 foot trailer, which was the perfect size, got it all in one trip and everything was nice and snug. As we were about to leave Sidney Clark noticed his tire was about ready to pop so he left and drove back to my parents in Darke Co. and changed his tire.  The rest of the group all went to the new place and my good friend, Luke Marshall, stopped by to help after volunteering at the VA hospital, American.  I think the last 4 times I have moved, Luke has helped me move, I have returned the favor several times as well, but his reliability and help is second to none.  He stuck around and helped after my family had to leave to get ready for a wedding.  Luke also took one of my mopeds out for a spin and he was addicted....(we will soon see how addicted)  Anyways, back to the move, another thing I am flabbergasted about is Dawn's cousins and family.  The yard needed mowed, but we were just going to focus on getting everything moved in for today.  Well one of her cousins, Dave, shows up with a lawn mower and cuts the grass.  Mike(trailer guy) showed up and took the stove out to the driveway and completely cleaned it as good as new.  Another cousin, John, showed up and supervised.... haha, just kidding (Dawn works for him).  Some of her family was even out pulling weeds from the flower bed, unbelievable. (Also Mike, Dave, and John are brothers)  Dawn and her mother are unpacking boxes and stuff today and I look forward to meeting them for dinner later tonight.  Thanks to EVERYONE for their help.....maybe a barbecue is in the works in the near future when everything is put away and we have settled down....and my aching body has recovered.... 

Anyways, few sprinkles tonight for part of the area, more rain later tomorrow which will stick around for the start of the workweek before we finally dry out and warm back into the upper 70's.

Oh yea, one other side note, Dave got us a house warming gift, three rocks.  On one side they read: GET....IT.....RIGHT!   The other side said: RAINY....SNOWY.....SUNNY.   "Leave no stone unturned."  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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