Monday, May 10, 2010

Moving and Mopeds

Well it is official, Dawn, Buckeye, and I are are moving to the Dayton area.  She got a job with an appraisal company and so all I have seen lately is newspaper and cardboard with all the moving.  We have been taking down boxes on our commutes to work each day, and hopefully this weekend we will be tackling the large items.  It honestly is one of the most stress-less moves I have done.  Almost every other time, it is grab everything on one day and take it all at once.  With this it seems like half of our stuff is in one place and half of it in the other currently, so when it comes to the "official moving day" it will be pretty easy.  Heavy, but easy. 

I also took some time out today with the nice weather to work on the new mopeds I got last week.  Both of the Puchs had horrible rust in the tanks so with some advice from a knowledgeable friend, I was bought some phosphoric acid and today was a fun day in the sun eating acid out of the gas tanks.  The electrical on both of the mopeds is horrible with wires cut in random places, so it looks like my next project will be hardwiring each of the mopeds, which means I will only use absolutely necessary wires: spark plug(to make it run) and head and tail light (so others can see me).  I use my hands to signal turning and slowing down.  Anyways, super glad I was able to eat the rust out of the tanks today, but word of the wise: acid IS dangerous, I forgot to put on my rubber gloves when I was rotating the acid around.... learned the hard way the dangers of acid(no worries, I am fine now).

Hope you enjoyed the sunshine today, rain overnight and lingering on and off for the next 4 days not a complete washout for the four days, but pretty wet regardless as it comes in waves..... (good thing it will be dry for the big move on Saturday morning, haha) Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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