Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mopeds and Earthquakes 05/04/10

So if you are wondering how they are in common, its just the dates.... 

For Natural Disaster Week, tonight we take a look at how Shelby County is preparing for a major earthquake.  There may have only been a few light tremors in the last couple of years, but there have other major quakes along the fault, which runs directly under the town of Anna down towards Sidney.  When I went to the meeting it was a lot of fun, and since I was the only television media present, they needed input on how the media would react during a significant earthquake.   So not only did I go an get a GREAT story on how we are preparing for the earthquake, I was designated as a "media liaison," if you will, which was a lot of fun to be part of the discussions.  Anyways, make sure to tune in later tonight to catch the story.

Now on to mopeds.  So I bought this, rather rare, moped from a guy in Anna about 18 months ago.  Naturally I nicknamed the moped "Anna."  So I had to do some pretty extensive work on the bike because previous owners managed to hook up a lawn mower exhaust to it and really left the bike in not-so-great condition.  So I spend a lot of my winter time in 2009 restoring the bike and finally got it running really well.  Well last year at a moped rally in Louisville, I blew the condenser, and had to replace it.  After doing that and then a lot of other work, I still could not get the bike to run reliably.  Well yesterday, after a lot of cross-checking and analyzing, I decided to take the wires running to the rest of the bike and ground them out, so the only wire would be running to the spark plug.  I know it sounds crazy, but yesterday I took Anna out for one of the best rides I have ever taken her on.  Now the job isn't quite finished, I now need to determine that which of the two grounded wires is to blame for all the headache.  That, along with packing, will be my job for the rest of afternoon.  One benefit of working weekends, I get beautiful week days to wrench, haha, have a good one and make sure to vote!

Andrew Buck Michael

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