Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update on Today/Tonight's Storms

Well not a whole lot has changed.  The main line of storms doesn't look to arrive until later in the evening/overnight.  As I said yesterday it will cut down on the energy for the storms to work off of and thus weaker than what they could be.  Now if we happen to get warm enough to get afternoon showers, they will likely quickly become strong to severe thunderstorms.  The warm front is pushing through the area now, so expect the afternoon to be much warmer and stickier than this morning.  I will keep an eye on things this afternoon, but as stated in yesterday's blog, they should be weaker than last week due to the fact that ALL of the ingredients aren't in the perfect mix today, but we still will see strong storms, MAYBE some severe ones.  I don't want to alarm people by saying, "It is going to be horrible!" and I don't want to have people let their guard down either.  Keep an eye on the sky and I will be updating my twitter if things turn for the worse.  Have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

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