Thursday, June 3, 2010

Strawberries anyone??

Well, its that time, time for the annual Strawberry Festival in Troy.  I always remember watching the parade and remembering how it kind of marked the start of summer.  It was always within about a week of school letting out when I was a kid so it was a celebration, of sorts, to kick it off, in a sugary way. 

I am headed up to the festival tomorrow morning and will be doing live reports on our morning show on FOX.  It should be quite a blast.  From what I have heard so far we should have some pretty cool guests lined up to get the festivities kicked off properly.  I am hoping it stays dry for tomorrow, but we do have a chance for a little bit of rain(I will get more into that, in a second), however as Kylie put it this morning on the news, "Rain or shine, strawberries will still taste the same."  Hope to see you there!

Now on to the weather.  We had quite a round of severe weather last night and actually have a chance to see more of it.  The coming days do not particularly look to have as great of a chance for severe weather, but there is still a slight chance.  The cold front put on its brakes and is now halted across North-Central Ohio.  Rounds of low pressure will ride like waves up the front from the Gulf bringing rounds of rain.  This will continue for the next four days, and we should finally dry out early next week, when the front finally moves South.  This will NOT be a washout, and actually we will be seeing more dry weather for the next four days than wet weather, but obviously the wet weather is what will be remembered.  Hot, moist, sticky air along with any sunshine will be the perfect ingredients for fueling storms as the waves of energy approach, so be on guard and take the umbrella in the coming days.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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