Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am all beat up....

Well living like a kid has left me in soar shape.  Dawn's cousin took his wife to Las Vegas as a surprise birthday gift, so Dawn is watching their three kids who are five, seven, and nine years old.  Well Dawn also has another kid to worry about, me.  I did the morning news yesterday, so I had last night off, and Dawn was taking the kids to the Miamisburg pool last night, so I joined in on the fun.  I didn't bring my bathing suit, but another one of Dawn's cousin, Dave 42 years old, who acts like he is 7, convinced me to run home and get my swimming trunks.  I got back just in time for the cannon ball contest and I hadn't went on the diving board yet, and I wasn't ready for the spring in it....  So, without getting into the water yet, I went on the board for the contest, put on by the pool, and completely failed.  I went and attempted to jump, slipped, scrapped lots of skin off my toes and foot and barely got any air.  Needless to say, I did not win.  Then Dave talked me into riding down the tube slide and at the bottom once getting dumped into the pool, I slammed my knee into the ground from the current and scraped that up as well.  My knee, today, is in nearly-extreme pain, I have almost fallen a time or two.  Anyways, we had a lot of fun, but I cut the pool short because my brother, Clark, came into town so we hung out and rode mopeds before it got too late. 

Today I went over and hung out with Dawn and the kids; we played some Wii and Apples to Apples before I had to leave for work.  I am very excited for what we have planned for Monday; I work in the morning so I will be free in the evening that day.  The kids love Star Wars so I proposed the idea of cooking out, going to their tee ball game, coming back for smores and a campfire, then letting the kids have a slumber party in our living room watching Star Wars and having a good ole' time.  As a kid it is always fun to have slumber parties at other peoples houses.  I am super sad I can't join them for the putt putt planned for tomorrow night though.... Dawn basically is watching four kids, not just three.

Now to the forecast:  Sunday and early Monday will be just as sticky as today was.  Also a chance for showers and storms as a cold front passes through the area for the afternoon Sunday into Monday morning.  This cold front looks to bring much cooler and drier air behind.  Dew points will be around 50(meaning very comfortable, dry air), and temperatures topping out in the mid and upper 70's.  Luckily the cool temps will perfectly correlate with my days off this week, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I plan on riding a lot of moped those days and also hitting up the links as well.  Hopefully you will have something planned as well to take advantage of those days before things start slowly getting hot, sticky, & uncomfortable, as we all know they will....

Also, for those of you who caught the news yesterday, anything Nathan Baker said about my golf game is erroneous.  Kylie, Pete, Nathan and I were invited to a golf outing to raise money for Bridge Riding.  My team did well, we finished even, and as for my drives, well after a few swings, I was blasting them about 260-270 consistently, and won longest drive for the men.  My approach was alright, and my putting was passable, so now I know what I need to work on more....  Baker made it sound as if I was whiffing all of the golf balls.  Anyways, I gotta get back to work, have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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