Friday, February 15, 2013

Meteor, winter moped projects, & snow forecast

Always feels good finishing a project.  I will get to more of that coming up... Yesterday and today were my days off this week and this morning I have been pouring over the meteor videos from Russia, and this is, in my opinion, is the best compilation of clips, take a look:
I could only imagine how scary that would be... pretty sweet video.

Back to here in the States... Taylor came over to the garage yesterday as I was finishing my winter projects.  Even though it felt great... it was a little numb since the temp in the garage was barely above freezing, but they ARE winter projects for a reason, right?
My Magnum has been finished for a few weeks, but I finished reassembling the front end of the Maxi including raising the front fender, which will help clear the wheel now.  The heat from powder-coating tweaked the fender's metal.   Anyway, both of my bikes are back to 100% and ready for the season.
Caleb came by the garage and dropped off a new light for us.  It was a HUGE help since it was windy we wanted to keep the sub-freezing wind chills out.  We were able to be much more productive with the extra light.
In return we threw a set of k10 Suzuki forks on Caleb's bike.  For anyone wanting to do this to a Magnum, the bottom race that comes on the k10 forks will work just fine with the Magnum bearings and cups.  When you are wanting to convert to a Maxi, you will need a new headset.  You will need to replace the bottom race on the triple tree with a Maxi race and when you do that, you might as well replace the cups on the head of the frame.  The picture at the top of this blog was Taylor cutting off the back tab on the k10 forks.  Other than that and boring out the axle holes to 12mm, there isn't a whole lot of fabrication unless you want to run disc brakes.  I have a few links to when I put k10's on my bikes with discs, here are a few links: here, here, here, here, and here.  Taylor ordered a new swing arm and tires for the bike.  So once we get the parts in it should be only a matter of time before Caleb's Magnum is finished and out of my garage.
I am a little disappointed with myself.  As you may have noticed in my last blog entry, I have been very busy at work helping get the new forecast graphics ready for our launch earlier this week.  It has come at a cost.  I am participating in WxChallenge with college students and professors and my forecasts have been sub-par.  The forecast is due at 0z each day, (7PM until daylight saving time, then 8PM) but I have been working right through 7PM.  I remember around 9PM so I to post a forecast 20 hours before the deadline, but my forecasts have not been as accurate as I would like.  I NEED to get on the ball and be better about looking at fresh materials.  I have still been fairly accurate from a "viewers" standpoint, but I am up against the best forecasters in the nation and some of them are pouring over the data with a LOT more time on their side.  Some of these guys are nailing the high, low, and wind forecast dead on for a few days... hard to do with an old forecast.  I did set up an alarm on my phone to remind me an hour before the deadline to ensure fresher forecasts.  I WILL revenge my name!  (Can you tell it is my day off and I have had too much coffee already)
Alright, on to our weather here... and not Burbank, CA.  Our temps over the weekend will stay below freezing with highs in the mid, upper 20's.  The cold front swinging through today will bring some light snow, but nothing like what the CMC was showing the entire week... Guess what CMC, you just lost some of my respect!  It was consistently showing 6+ inches of snow... but I was VERY hesitant with using that, especially as my only source of information.  Knock that up as one more the GFS (American model) got correct.  Anyway, between late Friday and Saturday we could see a light coating, an inch or two, but nothing you would need the shovel for.

We warm up Monday back into the 40's and then more rain Monday night ahead of another cold clip of air for the middle of next week.  There is a chance for a wintry mix by the end of next week, but temperatures will be the deciding factor, so stay tuned.  Enjoy the weekend, keep the coat handy, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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