Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Photos of the new WKEF & WRGT studio

Gotta love the iPhone's new panoramic photo app.  Does a fantastic job.  Feel free to click on any of the photos for a much larger view of them.
The new green screen is double from the older building on Soldiers Home Rd.  Mike looks pretty small... because he is actually like 7" tall  (I joke)
The new weather center does NOT have a chair during the shoes... so bring your good shoes.
Jackie and Meghan are rocking the anchor desk this morning.  Hilary is doing traffic at the green screen while I was taking this photo.
The studio wraps around with more monitors and small desk area for reporters or anchors.
Another shot of the right side monitor.

The kitchen set is still a work in progress, but looks awesome so far.
Here is a shot of the Control Room.  The back wall is glass so you are looking through the glass from the back hallway.  That would make it SUPER useful for tours and not interrupting the production crew.
The studio is much nicer than the old building as well.  TVs are mounted on the surrounding walls (PLUS there are windows) and, other than the weather crew, everyone is in the newsroom, including sports.  Pretty sweet digs indeed!  Had a quick second to post these... back to the show!

Andrew Buck Michael

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