Friday, February 8, 2013

Finally a day off.

We have been cranking out a LOT of graphics at work the last few days. I got a healthy 55 hours of work this week.

I did start reading a new book on the history of broadcast meteorologists. Pretty interesting and useful to help refine my weather story even more.

To finish off my crazy workweek, a group of us went to the Blue Jackets game last night.  Shame they lost in sudden death but it was still a fun time.

We stay dry until Sunday night and Monday. Still chilly Saturday, but we warm up Sunday.  Next week looks cool, but could have an arctic blast returning by next weekend. More on that tomorrow. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Enjoy your weekend.

    We are in the DC area, just South of the big one coming into New England. Today we drove through PA on Old US 40 - stopped at Ft. Necessity for our history fix. Lots of snow up in the mountains, but not coming down while we were there. The temp was just above freezing; some precipitation, mostly rain, sometimes freezing rain. We are safely in our Hampton Inn now for a couple of days until the rest of this stuff passes. Visiting our GU kids here. ;)

    Stay warm back there in Buckeyeland,


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