Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Disc brake update & (yaaaawn) boring, but great forecast

I went to Versailles last week and visited a go cart shop for some "cheap hydros" that they sell. The inexpensive hydraulic forks are all the rage for most people on Moped Army because these k10 Suzuki forks fit many mopeds with minor fabricating involved. Normally hydraulic forks cost about $200, but you can pick these up online or in person at the shop for $39.95. That is a steal in my opinion. I have been working on the forks over the last week to convert them for mopeds and hopefully soon I will have them finished. I still need to weld on a tab to mount the disc brake caliper and refill the hydraulic fluid, but these puppies are about ready to be mounted and complete the frames on both bikes. Now I just need to finish rebuilding the motors and they should be finished... just in time for spring.

Speaking of spring, boy it's going to feel like spring this week, despite just starting January. We still have a little snow on the ground, but with the Southerly winds picking up this week we will actually warm up into the upper 40's by Friday. I mentioned yesterday the cold front swinging down over the weekend, but that will only bring "cooler" weather next week with highs near 40. As the front moves through Saturday into Sunday there will be very little moisture to work with and there is only a VERY slight chance for a flurry or sprinkle. I expect nearly all of the area to remain dry the entire time, but will still keep a close eye on it. So dry for the most part and temperatures well above normal for the next week. Enjoy it... I guess Old Man Winter has only visited so far... just hasn't unpacked yet. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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