Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Big Dip

I finally caught what my wife had. She has been sick with a sore throat and coughing the last week and I woke up this morning and I dreaded swallowing each time while trying to get ready for work. I did make sure I took some medicine and made a hot tea for my morning commute. I just hope I can shake it quick because I don't want to have to use my sick days this early in the year. However, considering we do the news for four and half hours, each morning, my voice may be going faster than my wife's. Blaaaaahhhh!!!

Well, the big dip is coming. As you can see in the image, the unseasonably warm temperatures are about to turn on us. We hit 46 for the high yesterday and today we should be pushing 50. Rain arrives tomorrow and with that...cooler air followed by a cold blast for the end of the week and the weekend. Thursday we could see the rain transition over to a little snow. We have been so warm the last week that most of it will melt as it hits the pavement so, at best, I think we could only see a dusting. We will begin to dry out with the cold air for Friday and could see another system early next week with a little better chance for sticking snow.

The sweater vest auction to raise money for two local charities continues. Don't forget to check out the sweater vests and the details about the charities: http://miniurl.org/sweatervests. Enjoy the last sunny, warm day and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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