Monday, January 16, 2012

Restful Weekend and Crazy 7-day Forecast

Still under the weather for the, ehhh, sixth day. Dawn went to Cleveland for the weekend and I did not feel well enough to sit in a car for six hours so I stayed home and rested up. I had a lot of hot tea, rest, and random food. When Dawn is home we plan our meals a week in advance and being there alone allowed me to branch out a little bit. We had strawberries in the fridge and they were about ready to start going downhill so I tried to think of what I could mix up and I had everything for my made-from-scratch pancakes except an I rolled the dice and made them without the egg. Chopped up the strawberries and added them to the batter... still turned out delicious and filling. They were not quite as "fluffy" though without the egg, but no complaints here. Anyway I spent most of the weekend hanging out with Buckeye, trying to rest, studying, and working a little on my mopeds.

One more day for my charity sweater vest auction!!! Make sure to put in bids to help out two local charities! Details are within the individual auctions:

The seven-day forecast is quite crazy and has a lot going on. Today we will slowly warm our temps continuously overnight and through tomorrow, so tomorrow we will be in the mid to upper 40's. Rain will arrive later this afternoon and evening and will continue overnight and into early tomorrow. Temperatures will then drop through the day tomorrow and we could see a little snow on the back side of the system tomorrow night as we drop to a low of 19 for Wednesday morning. With the ground being wet, snow will not likely stick because it appears to be pretty light. We could see a few slick spots Wednesday and we will stay below freezing until Friday as we slowly warm up. Right now we look to be in the mid 40's for Saturday and 50's are possible for Sunday. We could see a quick snowy system Thursday, but accumulations look to be pretty light. Rain also possible Saturday, but that, also, is looking light. Quite a roller-coaster of a week ahead as far as the weather goes...I will keep you posted on any possible changes. Enjoy the mild temps later today and tomorrow, just make sure you have the umbrella. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Pancakes sound really good right now. Thanks for the forecast. We are looking for a good day to take a few more pictures here in Ohio before we go to sea again at the end of the month. When we return in April, the leaves will be arriving on the trees and birds harder to photograph.

    1. The pancakes were fantastic. I was checking your blog on your thoughts of the tragic cruise liner event that happened a couple days ago. Very sad. Quite jealous of your upcoming adventures, but I can't wait to ride along with your blogs. Thanks Lois!


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