Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snowfall Forecast for Tonight & Tomorrow

I love this blog... you know why I love my blog forecast? I don't have to talk. My voice is really strained this morning and it dropped about three octaves overnight and I would make a GREAT country singer or Ted Williams impersonator. The joke around the studio this morning is that I finally hit puberty overnight. This sickness is really getting to me, but I am throwing everything I can back at it. I am even sleeping with a scarf on to keep my throat warm thanks to some advice from Dawn's grandmother. Surprisingly it works, but is a little weird to go to bed with a scarf on...haha. My throat doesn't hurt too bad since I have been drinking LOTS of hot tea with lemon and just trying to make this a very short-lived illness...even though everyone around me, over 10 people at work, has had it for a couple of weeks.

Aight, on to the forecast... which I am sure everyone is waiting on with anxiety. We have light drizzle this morning and patchy fog. The temperatures will begin to drop in the afternoon from the low 40's into the upper 20's by tonight. I expect us to being our switch over to snow between 3PM and 7PM depending on where you live. The snow showers will continue into the overnight hours and through tomorrow. The first half an inch or so of snow will melt on the warm pavement but with the strong winds it will help cool of the roads rather quickly. By the time the snow wraps up tomorrow, here are my thoughts on the snowfall total forecast: 1-2" South of I-70, 1-3+" North of I-70. The far north will be seeing the most and may be tapping into a little lake effect snow as well later Friday. The winds will be VERY strong, between 20-30+ mph, for tonight and Friday meaning that blowing snow and drifting snow will be a problem in the rural areas. The roads for Friday morning will be pretty nasty if left untreated, but with blowing snow even treated roads will be a little nasty. Highs will be in the lower and mid 20's for Friday and the much colder as well as snowier. Stay safe out there and try to make the best of the snowy situation. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


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  2. Aw, sorry you are still sick. Grandmothers always give great advice to help you feel and get better. ;)


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