Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quite an interesting evening

I got a little taste of second shift yesterday, again, and I can safely say that I do not miss working in the afternoons/evening. I worked that shift for several years and there is always something hanging over your head...oh yea, you have to go to work in a couple hours, so no, you can't run that errand, or can't work on mopeds all afternoon and get greasy. BUT, I did like being able to sleep more when I was on that shift. I dunno, I guess each shift has its pluses and minuses. Anyway...I had a meeting at work at 3PM yesterday with the entire staff. On the way home I came around a corner at Soldiers-Home West Carrollton Road and Pinnacle Road and saw a can in the road. I tried to miss it, but with another vehicle coming, I had no option but to hit the can. Normally no big deal. I get home a short time later and I hear a hiss when I get out of the truck's tire...Crikey!

I found the leak and it looked pretty big so I took the wheel off to put the spare on. After taking the punctured tire to the garage I though...ehh, I may be able to fix it. Last summer I was killing time at a K-Mart in Columbus and bought a tire repair kit that was in the clearance isle. I took out the puncture repair tools: rough sided poker, large eye hole tool, and the tarry rubber strip. Take the poker, that has rough sides to clean the puncture, stick it in the leaking hole a time or two to make sure there is no more debris. Act quick and have the tar covered rubber strip already threaded into the eye hole. Stick it in the hole 2/3 of the way and then pull it quickly back out. The bottom of the eye hole is slit so the rubber strip will snap out of the tool leaving the hole filled and sealed. Cut off the excess rubber sticking up...done. I checked the tire this morning and it was as good as new. Repair only cost me about $0.50 and I still have nine more rubber strips. Looking back on the situation, I could have fixed it in about five minutes without removing the wheel...instead of all the work and taking an hour to fix it. I just thought the hole was too large.

I got that fixed and I had to head up to one of my mechanic friend's place to pick up some steel for my moped project. On my way I found the metal can that I hit and I am now positive that I hit that and not a nail. Heading home from picking up the steel, I was blessed with one of the best sunsets I have seen in months. Beautiful pink, orange, and purple under the low hanging thin clouds. I guess since I was hindered with the punctured tire I was blessed at the same spot two hours later with a great sunset.

Weather looks to be pretty quiet, but great for the week/weekend ahead. Still thinking we have less than a 5% chance for rain this weekend. Most of it will be staying too far south and we will be very dry for any rain. For the next seven days, temperatures will be at least five degrees above normal. Tomorrow we will get to about 48 for the high, which will be 13 degrees above normal. So mild temps on the way and rain holding off until the middle of next week. Get out there and enjoy it and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. I hope the tire repair holds when you are moving at high speeds! Yes, very pretty sunset. It was a lovely day yesterday down here on the Southern Coast of Ohio, too.


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