Monday, January 9, 2012

Moped Rides & Sweater Vest Auction

Wow! What a FANTASTIC weekend! Considering it was the first weekend of January, in Ohio, and we had temps in the upper 40's and 50's...Wow! I took advantage of the great weather as much as possible. We had a couple of impromptu moped rides.
First ride was Friday afternoon and we rode about 26 miles. There were five of us riding around West Carrollton, Kettering, Dayton, Moraine, and Miamisburg. We did find another kid riding a moped and caught up with him to tell him about our group, but he just kept riding. Oh well, still had a blast. Dawn and I had guests in town Friday night and Saturday so I spend that time visiting with them and we went to The Greene, warm weather shopping is better than slushy weather shopping. They left early Sunday morning so four of us got together Sunday afternoon for another ride for about 24 50 miles total. Couldn't ask for better weather, but the one down side to the weekend was that one of our newer riders, Mike V, got into an accident heading home Sunday night. He broke a few bones, however he is in good spirits. We are not sure what the cause was just yet, but it was a mechanical error of some sort. Luckily there was no other vehicle involved.

Well...I come up with some crazy ideas at times. I am moving forward and focusing on the future. With that, I have decided to auction off 16 of my sweater vests on eBay... I know, I know! They have become a staple for my identity on-air doing the forecast, but it is time to focus on the future and I wanted to give them a proper send-off. So I had a poll on my Facebook page and I asked what charities people would donate toward and I got a BIG response. The top two votes were the Hope Foundation of Greater Dayton and Shoes 4 The Shoeless...both local charities. I am splitting the proceeds between the two so check out my auction on eBay: Or you can search my profile on eBay, it is "emrickrd" I encourage you to spread the word and help the auction along and please bid yourself. I even included two of my Christmas sweater vests...GREAT for any of those holiday parties. The auction ends in 8 days so hopefully people will keep an eye on them, but might as well bid now and get your hand in the fun.

The beautiful weather will continue for today and tomorrow. We will continue to have highs near 50 with sunshine until the middle of the week when rain returns followed by a little snow on Thursday. Cold air will punch in for the end of the week with highs near freezing and most of the days spent below freezing for next weekend. I will keep you posted on how much snow we are expecting to see as it gets closer, but try to get out there and enjoy as much of the great weather while it lasts. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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