Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What color do you think??? (Plus a snowy forecast)

Well I need to make a decision...and pretty quick. I picked up a blue Puch Maxi and I am debating whether the wheels I rebuilt will match the build I am planning. The blues are not the exact same color and I now am deciding whether to do an all blue build or do a red, chrome, and blue build. Hmmm.... Let me know what your thoughts are... I am starting to lean a little bit more toward the red because it has been my bike for the last couple of years and I have already de-rusted the inside of the gas tank and other cosmetic issues have been fixed.

I was excited to see a few more sweater vests had bids this morning... remember, only 6 days left.

The weather will be changing back to winter starting now... Cooler today with highs in the mid 40's and then falling temps through the day tomorrow. Light rain on and off for your Wednesday followed by rain changing over to snow tomorrow, on Thursday. The snow will melt at first because the pavement will be so warm, but by Friday morning as light snow continues, the roads will begin to cool enough for the snow to stick. I am still only expecting a light accumulation, but by Friday evening we could have about an inch of snow and in some locations to the north may see closer to 2". The real issue will be when the roads cool off enough for the snow to stick, so be careful Friday. There is another weak system Saturday night that could bring a little more snow and more on Tuesday... so quite an interesting, cold pattern for the days ahead. I will hopefully be able to break down the switch-over time a little better tomorrow as we get closer to the snow and fine-tune the snowfall totals. Stay dry, let me know what you think about the colors, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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