Monday, January 30, 2012

Snowy Weekend in Cleveland

I must apologize for missing the blog on Friday. I was on the phone with our tech support for three hours during the morning show Friday and then had a meeting immediately afterward until close to 1 PM. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, figuratively speaking obviously. We had two small rounds of winter weather over the weekend. From the looks of the photos I received they were less than an inch each...which is what I was forecasting in my last blog on Thursday. We did see a little more snow north in Cleveland, where I was visiting the in-laws. The commute home last night was a little slippery in spots, but once we hit Columbus, and were on I-70, we were golden.

Buckeye may need to go to the vet today. The last few times we have visited Dawn's parents he frantically wants to get out of the bathroom, which is where we leave him when we leave the house for a few hours. Buckeye was originally Dawn's family dog, but once Dawn and her brother moved out for school we adopted him since no one was home to let him outside. He has not had any issues the first nine years of his life, then all of a sudden he does. He scratches at the door until he ends up hurting his paws and bleeds a little, very sad. Well we were gone less than an hour on Friday for dinner and he scratched so hard that he did not use his left front paw the rest of the weekend. He limped around the house and was very docile. We are taking him to the vet today to get him checked out, but it is very weird why all of a sudden he doesn't want to lay on the blanket we always leave for him. It may be in his old age that he is having separation issues. It breaks your heart to see him limping around on three legs though.

On to the spring forecast...for the end of January. Temperatures will be VERY warm for the end of the month. Today we will see clouds early with more sun later and a high in the upper 40's. Tuesday a little of the opposite with increasing clouds later and a high of 57, yes, 57! Rain arrives into the overnight hours heading into Wednesday and that will cool off our temps a little with highs in the mid 50's. The rain will end through the day on Wednesday and then we will be followed by mild temps in the mid 40's for the end of the week. The upcoming weekend looks very interesting. There is a system that the models have been showing coming through with a little more moisture than the last few wintry systems. The big question is the track of the coming system. Over the weekend the models trended toward the system affecting the east coast rather than us, but similar to last week, the last couple of model runs show the system coming right up the west side of the Appalachian mountains, which would mean a wet weekend. Still need a lot to nail down in the coming days, so enjoy the warm weather while it's here and I will worry about the weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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