Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yuengling? Psst, Christmas Ale is back!

I completely understand the big excitement about Yuengling coming to Ohio, I really do. Dayton started selling their PA beer yesterday, but how about Christmas Ale!?! That, in my opinion, is the really story maker! First off, Christmas Ale would beat Yuengling in a head to head battle, but how about the rarity of Christmas Ale. Sure Yuengling was only sold regionally in Pennsylvania, but you could drive and get it, or have someone passing through pick some up. Christmas Ale is only sold about two and a half months out of the year. It went on sale yesterday and I almost guarantee that it is sold out at many local stores. Half the fun of Christmas Ale is trying to find it. It is a Great Lakes Brewing Company beer so it is much easier to find around the Cleveland area, but here in Dayton it is almost like hide and seek. There is actually a couple that Dawn and I go out to dinner with and we accept the challenge of trying to find a local restaurant that sells it for a dinner date night once a week. Disclaimer: You may have gotten used to lighter beers over the last 9 months... remember, this is potent and may knock your socks off from taste and strength. Also, special thanks to Randi Rico for tweeting me this photo yesterday.

October turned out pretty wet for us, but luckily we are keeping things dry to start off November. Today and tomorrow looks to remain dry and fantastic. We will stay right around 60 for the high for the next week. There is a chance for rain Thursday and late Sunday, but other than that, a great seven day forecast. I am hoping the rain holds out Sunday until later because I am heading to Cincinnati for a Cincinnati-Louisville moped rally. We are riding halfway and meeting up with the Louisville group at a campground in Kentucky on Saturday. It would stink to have a wet 65 mile ride back to Cincy on a moped. Anyway, enjoy the day and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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